What UKIP stand for

If you have a look at the source code for the ugly UKIP Croydon website you’ll see this collection of keywords that they’ve added. These are the words that they hope will lead people to them in Google searches:

Roads Traffic Parking Enforcement Control CPZ Controlled Zone Freedom Rights Drivers Cars Motorists Streets Byway Footway Pavement Motoring Congestion Motorways Signs Capacity Building Signals Highway Regulation Law Legal Safety Calming Speed Limits Lorries HGV Vans Trucks Buses Coaches Passengers Pedestrians Trams Cyclists Cycling Bicycles Mopeds Motor Bikes Adults Children Stop Go Slow Fast Automobile 4×4 Management Cameras Humps Chicanes Throttle People Elderly Disabled Wheelchairs Vehicles Pollution Air Quality Accelerate Brake Gear Queues Bottleneck Roundabout Mini-roundabout Economy Magistrate Court Disqualification Points Transport Lane Edge Kerb Build-out Cushion Dual Accident Casualty Collision Insurance Increase Reduce Improve Offence Contravention Defence Prosecute FPN PCN CCTV Appeal Fixed Penalty Notice Charge Forum Survey Advice Code Design Appearance Legibility Comprehensibility Consultation Referendum Campaign Petition Environment Police Taxi Minicab Animals Riders Vans Emergency Services Rescue Recovery Pass Loading Bay Publicity Education Footbridge Subway Bridge Flyover Underpass Segregation Statistics

It’s a bit like a stream of conciousness from the mind of a cliché taxi driver, with the swearing and racist language filtered out. It’s also quite poetic if you read it out loud.

I did look at the other party sites for comparisons, but they are too wily to expose their inner thinking so nakedly.

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