Installing Debian Jessie on a PowerBook G4

It all went according to plan apart from once the installation had finished and I restarted the screen went all weird and psychedelic. This is the solution to that problem. Start up the PowerBook from your installation CD by holding down C after the chime. At the boot: prompt type rescue. You now need to go through […]

The politics of envy

There are some industries that it’s very hard to get a job in. Film-making, advertising, the music business, all the glamorous stuff. It’s pretty obvious that rich people find it much easier to get a start in these jobs because their parents will subsidise them while they do internships or hang around in Fulham waiting for […]

How does Brixton feel about the police now?

A couple of days ago Channel 4 News decided to send someone down to Brixton to do a report on how people here feel about the police. The guy they chose, Jordan Jarrett-Bryan, is not normally used to doing news journalism, everything else he’s done for them has been sports reporting. In the report Jarratt-Bryan spoke […]