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Installing Debian Jessie on a PowerBook G4

It all went according to plan apart from once the installation had finished and I restarted the screen went all weird and psychedelic. This is the solution to that problem. Start up the PowerBook from your installation CD by holding … Continue reading

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The politics of envy

There are some industries that it’s very hard to get a job in. Film-making, advertising, the music business, all the glamorous stuff. It’s pretty obvious that rich people find it much easier to get a start in these jobs because their … Continue reading

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5 Reasons I support the Yes campaign

The 18th September is my brother’s birthday. It will be ruined forever for him if it’s Scottish Independence Day. I have £10 on a Yes win at 4:1. It will finish the SNP. I loath all nationalists and there will … Continue reading

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What UKIP stand for

If you have a look at the source code for the ugly UKIP Croydon website you’ll see this collection of keywords that they’ve added. These are the words that they hope will lead people to them in Google searches: Roads … Continue reading

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How does Brixton feel about the police now?

A couple of days ago Channel 4 News decided to send someone down to Brixton to do a report on how people here feel about the police. The guy they chose, Jordan Jarrett-Bryan, is not normally used to doing news journalism, … Continue reading

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Homophobia hurts everyone

It’s hard to say exactly how many people in the population are gay, but it’s probable that at least 5% of men are mainly attracted to other men and at least twice that number have at some point found another … Continue reading

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Some M’s

M23 – A rebel group that operates in the eastern parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was formed by loyalists to the Tutsi warlord Gen. Laurent Nkunda and takes its name from the date of an agreement signed on … Continue reading

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Class War #23

So I’m cycling up Brook Street in Mayfair. If you’re not familiar with the area, it’s one of the two most expensive squares on a Monopoly board, the home of Claridges, Hermès and Halcyon Days, official supplier of objets d’art … Continue reading

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Apple Store Hacked?

Well here’s a strange thing. I have this Capital One credit card that I never use. I have it sitting in a draw in case another card gets cancelled or something. It has not been used abroad or online since … Continue reading

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Bye, bye Scotland

A couple of points with regard to the referendum the Scottish Nationalists want to hold, to decide whether or not they want to stay in this relationship with us. Firstly, shouldn’t we also have a referendum in the rest of … Continue reading

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