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Robert Burns

It’s funny seeing the terrible fuss some Scottish people are making after Jeremy Paxman described (accurately in my view) Robert Burns’ poetry as sentimental doggerel. It often feels like a good result if one can make it through any conversation … Continue reading

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Tune a day

Recently I’ve been getting a bit disillusioned with spending loads of time trying to compose complicated tracks that I’m often tired of before they’re even finished. A couple of days ago I remembered something I once read about a writing … Continue reading

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Live Poet’s Society

Speaking of poets I love, Mairead Byrne is so sweet. Look.

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Got Mac, got Wii? Play music!

Ever since mankind discovered that the Wii remote uses Bluetooth for its wireless connection nerds people have been trying to use it for doing music. There have been some PC based drum instruments and of course the performance artists over … Continue reading

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More fun with Islam and Cartoons

The incompatibility between cartoonists and Islam is inevitable. Cartoonist are very frequently irreverent about everything and resistant to censorship. Some muslims are very touchy and, I’m afraid to say, authoritarian. There’s also the fact that many strands of Islam don’t … Continue reading

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For the last couple of days I’ve been installing a soundtrack I wrote, Signalnet, for a performance of the Stan’s Cafe show Of All The People In All The World. It’s in a theatre, more like a giant arts centre, … Continue reading

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Christoph Büchel and the ownership of Art

I don’t really subscribe to the revolutionary communist view of Industrial Relations but the history, both ancient and modern, of The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) does seem to cast a new light on Marx’s theories about the … Continue reading

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Tears of Strangeness

The Books are my favourite band, they have been for some time now. I love the complexity and ingeniousness of their tracks; they manage to sound arty and detailed without being close or oppressive. You get the sense that they … Continue reading

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Dan le Sac

You know I’m not usually one for posting links to videos on You Tube, so this must be a pretty special video, right?

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Doctor Pfeffer

I first met Craig Stephens and Jake Oldershaw when I was working on the Stan’s Cafe show Simple Maths in 1997. Craig had been with the company for a while and it was Jake’s first show with them. They are … Continue reading

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