More fun with Islam and Cartoons

The incompatibility between cartoonists and Islam is inevitable. Cartoonist are very frequently irreverent about everything and resistant to censorship. Some muslims are very touchy and, I’m afraid to say, authoritarian. There’s also the fact that many strands of Islam don’t allow representative art so the whole issue of cartoons is never going to be popular […]


For the last couple of days I’ve been installing a soundtrack I wrote, Signalnet, for a performance of the Stan’s Cafe show Of All The People In All The World. It’s in a theatre, more like a giant arts centre, in Angers which is a small city in The Loire Valley in France. Le Quai […]

Christoph Büchel and the ownership of Art

I don’t really subscribe to the revolutionary communist view of Industrial Relations but the history, both ancient and modern, of The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) does seem to cast a new light on Marx’s theories about the significance of the Ownership of the Means of Production. The “largest center for contemporary visual […]