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Some M’s

M23 – A rebel group that operates in the eastern parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was formed by loyalists to the Tutsi warlord Gen. Laurent Nkunda and takes its name from the date of an agreement signed on … Continue reading

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Class War #23

So I’m cycling up Brook Street in Mayfair. If you’re not familiar with the area, it’s one of the two most expensive squares on a Monopoly board, the home of Claridges, Hermès and Halcyon Days, official supplier of objets d’art … Continue reading

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On my bike

Someone sneered at my bike yesterday. It was Steve Hellier. He was lounging around outside Bush House, by the crossing, and I stopped in front of him because the lights were red. He looked down at my bike with a … Continue reading

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Al-Qaeda my arse

Back in the last century the IRA, a small militant republican movement from Northern Ireland undertook a bombing campaign in London. As I say, they were a small organisation with scant resources but even so they managed to carry out … Continue reading

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Cycling in London

Every now and then I hear people saying that they’re scared to cycle in London. There’s no reason to be scared, it’s easy if you follow these simple tips. Car drivers may seem to be scum but that’s because you’re … Continue reading

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How do you fend off a dangerous dog?

The BBC has published a namby-pamby article about what to do if a dog attacks you. They suggest that you put your hands in your pockets and turn away. I prefer the advice Richard Ballantine gave in his excellent Richard’s … Continue reading

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The Bedside Crow: 101 Things you can’t do with Ama*on

I used to dream of working in a bookshop when I was younger, but this blog by the man who runs the lovely one in Crystal Palace makes it sound like very hard work. He’s been posting recently about 101 … Continue reading

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“I have a memory of an alternative reality…..”

Working in News can be difficult. You listen to stories all day, most of them depressing. Some of them stay with you and some of them disappear inside without a trace. Leaving work and joining the wandering tourists outside you … Continue reading

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My children saw their first dead person today. As we were coming out of school an Air Ambulance was circling lower and lower overhead, looking for somewhere to land. By the time we got out of the school gates it … Continue reading

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I fought the law, and the law (as usual) won

At last. Today I finally got to try out my new Fare’s Fair approach to train tickets. Let me explain… I generally travel to work by train. The railway company has a penalty fare scheme which means that if you get caught … Continue reading

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