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5 Reasons I support the Yes campaign

The 18th September is my brother’s birthday. It will be ruined forever for him if it’s Scottish Independence Day. I have ¬£10 on a Yes win at 4:1. It will finish the SNP. I loath all nationalists and there will … Continue reading

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What UKIP stand for

If you have a look at the source code for the ugly UKIP Croydon website you’ll see this collection of keywords that they’ve added. These are the words that they hope will lead people to them in Google searches: Roads … Continue reading

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How does Brixton feel about the police now?

A couple of days ago Channel 4 News decided to send someone down to Brixton to do a report on how people here feel about the police. The guy they chose,¬†Jordan Jarrett-Bryan, is not normally used to doing news journalism, … Continue reading

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Apple Store Hacked?

Well here’s a strange thing. I have this Capital One credit card that I never use. I have it sitting in a draw in case another card gets cancelled or something. It has not been used abroad or online since … Continue reading

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Charity Shops

I read an article a few years ago about how most charity shops don’t make a profit, they are just there to raise awareness of the charity by providing a permanent and cheap advertising billboard on the High Street. The … Continue reading

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The government of Israel has a policy of assassinating political leaders in Gaza. That means that the people who have ended up in charge of Hamas are the violent nutters rather that anyone who might be interested in a political … Continue reading

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Some researchers at Edinburgh University have just published a report about how easy it is to buy prescription-only medicines online. They visited sites which they found via Google and Yahoo but they did not take the final step of actually … Continue reading

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Basing the growth of your economy on people borrowing money, as opposed to relying on increased productivity, doesn’t seem like a very sensible idea. An Austrian ecomomist called Ludwig von Mises described the problem very nicely: It may sometimes be … Continue reading

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Robert Burns

It’s funny seeing the terrible fuss some Scottish people are making after Jeremy Paxman described (accurately in my view) Robert Burns’ poetry as sentimental doggerel. It often feels like a good result if one can make it through any conversation … Continue reading

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I know I’m only posting videos on here these days. I’m too busy writing music to do anything else. Sorry. Who am I kidding? I know nobody cares. Anyway, look at MRirian (and she’ll look at you), or you could … Continue reading

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